It was THE ABSOLUTE BOMB when Prince died and everything turned PURPLE! It was SIMPLY MARVELOUS when SCOTUS passed gay marriage and the RAINBOWS came out everywhere! Yes, in times of celebration and mourning… we tend to bring out the colors. Thank you Castro district of San Francisco and all the communities world-wide who gathered, and keep gathering for the fallen.

We tend as a nation to have a relatively short attention span and it worries me that this mass slaying will eventually get filed alphabetically with all the rest. Even before the use of technology was as utilized as furiously as it currently is, tEiffel 6:13he world stayed in relative mourning for a good month or so after 9/11. Where we should be tonight and every night until there is major reform is marching in the streets everywhere


#1 with gun laws, to abolish them entirely and make it illegal for anyone to bear assault weapons.

#2 in mental health treatment and practices, making it more accessible to EVERYONE who needs it.

#3 in the way some religions and various people that follow them see gays as “different” or “queer” as they were once deemed. We gotta start somewhere folks and we have to end the stigmas and violence.

I’ve shed so many tears in the last days and don’t know what to think about the future of this country… I’m grateful and blessed that I have a vehicle I can live in. I’m grateful and blessed that I have a renewed passport on it’s way. I’m grateful and blessed to have seen and photographically captured this country in so much of it’s glory that should I decide to leave it, I can safely say I will miss little if nothing about living in the USA. Nope, it’s just not getting any easier or fun to live in this extremely #corrupt and #violent nation. Granted, there are good people everywhere, but I feel a more heart-centered culture with less corruption politically is where I probably would best integrate.
Not speaking so much to the Orlando shooting as to other tragedies, let’s just say there are reasons these sick and tortured souls target the innocent and do it on US soil. Overall, we are a widely viewed as a pompous and arrogant nation. It’s our government that at it’s core is corrupt, AND it’s our down RIGHT RIDICULOUS gun “laws” that make is simple for the sick to gain access to licenses and assault weapons that can kill 50 people in minute flat. Imperatively, it is the lack of ample, affordable treatment for the mentally ill. The stigma against mental illness is far from smashed. As much as homosexuality is far more accepted than even just 5 years ago, existent are still the very deranged who feel that being gay is a weakness or a mental disorder. Let’s just say that we’ve got very large issues that a new president in November might try to promise to fix, but guaranteed will probably not be able to. Hell, we got Trump who is praising himself for…. Nope cease fire here… The fact that this F*CK is even allowed to run for POTUS is just absurd.
We all have different hearts and emotions, but a few that we all commonly feel are love, anger and despair. I don’t know about other people who I see on Facebook, etc., kind of just going on with their lives these last few days, and you probably say, “What else is there to do? We have to be optScreen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.33.22 PMimistic and carry on.” Well, deep in me, something has forever changed and I can’t go back to whatever I was living before June 12th’s massacre. My eyes are more wide open and my heart is truly pained. I can’t really think of much more to say except that I fear for the hardened hearts, those who just keep on doing and are not really being effected by this recent tragedy. Where is our compassion? The Dalai Lama keeps saying how we HAVE TO open our hearts, that Western society is in great danger because of our closed hearts. And no, I don’t just mean open the heart to the few who we trust in our little circle. We must crack that sucker and open to the greater good of humanity, not just what serves us individually. It’s time… We simply must let the LIGHT in and circulate it among ourselves no matter what race, creed, sexual orientation. We are all HUMAN BEINGS… ONE LOVE, ONE HEART.

RIP victims of Orlando shootings and may their loved ones and all us extremely sensitive souls who suffer right alongside, find some semblance of peace inside.


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