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SUCCESS – according to Emerson

In these precarious times we are currently living in, it feels important that we all ask ourselves this question, “Who am I and how can I better contribute to help humanity at large during this madness?” We should all be asking what we can do individually to make the world a better place on an hourly basis. IMO.

In regards to our current political situation here in the USA, if you follow my past blogs, it is quite clear that I have been someone who has been INCREDIBLY outspoken and very “political.” Up until lately that is… Let’s just say I have met some folks and had some experiences which have made me turn the tables on the current 2 party system and all it’s warring with each other. I’ve simply had it! This is me allowing myself NOT to launch into “conspiracy therapy” yet to say that I have finally seen the clear writing on the wall and that the “establishment” has their fingers in every single little last crumb of the pie. If you are interested in reading more and having some FACTS thrown your way, you can contact me directly through my gmail and I will be happy to send you loads of information.In my continuing recovery, which as very little to do with following any previous dogmatic structures like AA, I have come to realize first that I am extremely lucky and very blessed to wake up each day healthy and clear headed, and second that it is INDEED my job (as I do believe it is everyone’s) to be of service to my fellow human. PERIOD. However that looks to you, it is the reason I feel in every fiber of my being why we are all here and chose to be alive during these seemingly tumultuous and transformative times.

Today, I would very much like to tell you the story about Willie and Betty Mitchell and “Ruby the Red Bus.”

Almost 4 months ago, I met a wonderful little old man in the desert named Willie Mitchell. Willie had Ruby sitting – pretty much not driven for 10 years, on his remote desert property in Twentynine Palms, California, just outside of Joshua Tree. He also had a beloved 1970 VW Fastback, both of which I purchased for a literal song. At first, I thought I was going to be able to make a mere few grand off the bus and keep the Fastback, (who I have affectionately named Betty White) after Willie’s beloved soul mate and wife who has debilitating Cerebral Palsy. Between the time I purchased the vehicles and picked them up, I came to realize the immense value of them both, but mostly Ruby as she has the ORIGINAL PAINT! And just look at those curves! 😉 Happy 50th birthday, Ruby!

Despite the ever elusive opening date of the DMV here in California, yesterday I bit the bullet and went out to the desert in 105 degree heat and 40 mph winds to finally pick up my Ruby. When I arrived, Ruby started right up, but she had some issues (of course) that kept Willie and I between the Advanced Auto Parts in town and his home (which entails driving down 10 miles of desert roads) for over 4 hours. By the way… it was Willie’s 78th b-day yesterday, so I managed to convince him on one of our long dirt road trips to town to let me buy him a darn cake!

While Willie was out in his garage replacing the starter, I sat in the AC in the house with Betty who is now completely unable to walk because of her CP. I listened intently to her slurred speech as it was fairly clear to me that it had been a VERY long time since she spoke to anyone besides Willie at length. During our 3 plus hour talk, I had to excuse myself to go to bathroom to cry, serious tears of sadness for how a beautiful soul as hers gets that lot in life and is still so unbelievably pleasant. Alongside were also tears of joy that these two have found one another and love each other so dearly. Betty profusely apologized for the condition of their home and I responded… “I do not judge people by their things. It is a roof over your head and you are lucky to have one these days as a lot of people do not.” That statement is the god’s honest truth. However, I simply felt terrible that they were living in such conditions as she is paralyzed from the waist down and Willie is well… just a guy after all. By the way, Willie carries her tiny little 100 lb self to the car and back when they go out occasionally <3 <3 <3

Coming full circle with the point of this story… yes I did realize in between the time I purchased Ruby and Betty that they both were indeed worth some serious cash. Ruby is up for sale first and foremost and I have decided to auction her to the highest bidder. (more on that in a minute.)

Just this morning, a friend who is entrenched in the current political battle who I met on Facebook (while previously battling myself LOL!) asked me “What are YOU doing?” ~ possibly insinuating that because I am not consistently fighting to trash tRump and elect Joe Biden, I am not doing anything. (By the way, now I see that time I did spend as a complete waste ~ banging my head against the wall uselessly each day and I no longer have time for that in my PRECIOUS existence.) Knowing my motto of late is to help someone/anyone that is in front of my very face in my 3D reality each and every day, and after spending the afternoon yesterday with these two wonderful kind and very simple souls, I have decided to give Betty and Willie a large sum of the profits from the auction (accompanied by their story to hope to raise more funds) of these vehicles and to go back and help Betty clean and spruce up their home a bit. Why? Just because it is the right thing to do and because every time I give something FREELY and unconditionally from my heart and expect nothing in return, it makes me KNOW that I have been successful.

What will you do today to be successful?


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