This is the visual story of a 7 year old shelter pup who stole my heart.Mona had been in the shelter for 7 months on a stray hold.She had heartworm and they treated her. When she looked up at me...I knew she had to be mine! So off we went...And so we became Mona and Sue - TLA :-)Her baby came with us. And one winged chickie!Funny face Mona Lou.So stately! "Hey, I kinda like this old guy."Perky!At Seaside Oregon. All that beach to herself.That Face!My two loves, Mona and KaraVan."I'm comin' in, Mom!"In Mom's favorite colors.She realizes she is sick of the camera but still tolerates me ;-)With my buddy Joe in Port Townsend.Trying to keep up with the pack.With Tina the tiger, a gift from our friend Angel in Oregon.And a good girl too!Where's Mona Lou?Watching with a view.At the ashram in Ashland, Oregon.Taking a break with my pals.Uber perky with colors. We both love color!Curling up with my pal, ETReading 1984 - 8-)Oh Mom!!!"Now, I have just about had enough of that camera!"Humping Matix. One of my favorite things to do!Ice cream is good for you!Personal space is an issue with Bruiser.Ice cream is REALLY good for you!Pretty girl with mom's hats.Tired and happy.Sunrise on Assateague Island."Thanks for the chowdah, Ma!"Cuteness overload.Time for a little retreat.At sunrise on the bay in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.Curling up with ET."I'm warning you!"In my happy place at Aunt Laura's beach Lotus Bay, NY.Being cute again.I'm Going with Marty - Glace Bay, Nova ScotiaBeing ULTRA cute again!With the vet after an attack from a not so nice dog.Happy Happy Happy!!!Posing for my senior portrait.Still life at Missy's on Cape Cod.When in Rome, even if they're ceramic dogs, you can still mark your spot!With eyeless baby.On the Outer Banks at mom's happy place.Textures with Mona, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.Wanting to change the channel but I can't find my thumbs.HAPPY!!!!With Bobby in Lincolnville, Maine.Happy!!!With my woof dish.Mona is a couch whore.Busted reading (and eating) Abby Wambach.Walking with my favorite little person, John in Chicago.Official portrait, Minneapolis, MN.My first night in a hotel AND a king size bed!With all my friends.Feeling a little vulnerable.Someone's comin'!Giving Chickie a run for her money.With reindeer ears in Minnesota.Christmas day in Port Townsend, Washington.Cutie PieOn my bed.Posing for my portrait in SC, #2Super Cute Doing the Hokey Pokey at the dog park in Minneapolis.Running with tiny flowers in Nova Scotia.In the studio, Clarence Center, NY.Listening intently to Joe.Many faces of Mona Lou.One winged Chickie and me.In my van in black and white.Mona with pink.Regal Mona <3