And so it is. Welcome to the United Police States of America 2020. Here we are in tRump’s Great Again America, the USA where a black man can do nothing at all to get handcuffed, thrown to the ground, assaulted, and have his neck knelt on until his airways are crushed and he dies. Yup, that is America, folks, in living color, under constant watch by big brother, and extracting the very freedoms we have left one by one by one…

Having just ventured back to reading my very first blogs entered here on my then brand new WordPress site back in March/April of 2012 while I had been wandering the East and a part of the Occupy movement, I now see that “it” was just starting to come into focus to the masses – “it” being the corrupt, greed driven, capitalistic, patriarchal “lobbying” (aka bribery) by billionaires, mostly white, mostly male “entitleds” and their wealthy companies in this country to keep their pockets and theirs of their cronies as well overflowing. “It” became pretty damn clear to the lot of us that we were in the grasp of a Corporatocracy – an economic and political system controlled by corporations and corporate interests.

The entire financial collapse of 2008 was just a mere foreshadowing of what could possibly ensue on a more grandiose scale in this country. Fast forward a mere 12 years and look what we are on the verge of? If you think that the economy of the USA is going to recover from this whole coronavirus madness, you might do yourself a favor and study some economics. And, like myself, you might take the initiative to find another country to live in. (Very few reading this know that my long term dream/desire to leave this dysfunctional country is actually in progress ~ it’s now a reality.) Plans are firmly in place. Because I am under the impression that I am someone being “monitored” by our wonderful government, (who is not if you have a cell phone?,) I will not be disclosing my details, rather assure you that I will be safe and sound on another continent well before November 3rd. Due to the fact that I no longer trust that our voting process is legitimate, coupled with the belief that Herr Orange will be handed another 4 years by Putin if indeed there is even an election held, I have indeed made arrangements to do exactly what these tRump supporting #fakepatriots have DEMANDED I do if I don’t like it here in their “Great Again America”…. LEAVE. For a while I fought. For a LONG while I fought hard, the bulk of the battle ensuing since opening my eyes thoroughly after 9/11. I do see now clearly that there is no longer any freedom OR any justice in this country. We have seen a Fascist, Malignant Narcissist (FMN) hijack our democracy. We have seen a Supreme Court nominee who is an obvious alcoholic and who also sexually assaulted multiple women get ushered on the bench. We have seen Moscow Mitch who is SUPPOSED TO BE the Senate Majority leader, pass on by every single last little bill that does not benefit the über wealthy and corporations. We are witnessing before our very eyes, the carefully calculated dismantling and destruction of our democracy brought to you by the Russian mafia (whom Trump owes billions or rubles to) and by China who actually leaked this chemical warfare virus. Do you still think Covid19 came from a bat? SMH – Really folks, if your eyes are not opened up wide right now to the evils and the lies of our government, please just stay out in the “silence is compliance” pasture with all the other masked sheep! And oh and keep watching cable news networks that are very carefully psychologically designed to keep you blind and “sheepy.” 

This message is brought to you by someone who has been traveling widely her entire adult life to various parts of the world. And my plan is to see a whole lot more of it before my time is up. This message is brought to you by someone who has been VW Westfalia traveling (and sometimes actually dwelling in one) for over 20 years in this country and Canada. This message is brought to you by someone who has ALWAYS been on the side of justice and has fought hard against ALL of the injustices of our government and the world at large. Why? Because this country, as it was designed to do, gave my father and grandfather freedom from Communism and Nazism! My father often uttered with a slight tear in his eye the last decade of his life that he did not envy his daughters to live in this upcoming world, but mainly the USA who he always said until the tRump reign of horror, gave him the “VERY BEST LIFE.” My father tended to be a tad racist as many were from his generation, yet he saw and LOVED Obama for the brilliant leader he was. And he hated the orange mess with a vengeance.  Yes… this message is brought to you by someone speaking the truth! [btw… I have always taken pride in referring to myself as Spiritual. However, if speaking the truth makes me non Spiritual, so be it. If being angry makes me non Spiritual, so be it. I have always been a rebel and a passionate woman and will be until I go to ashes saying “What an amazing ride!”] And please excuse me if I do not usher in kindness to all the sheer morons who voted for this madness in 2016 and especially for those still supporting it. No, there is not a single stitch of kindness in my heart for you all. Is there compassion for your ignorance? Maybe just a tad, but it stops there. Hell, my own “Christian” sister posts quite often on her Facebook about “keeping God in the White House another 4 years!” It’s far from humorous to me. My father is rolling in his ashes that both my remaining sisters voted for the piece of shit. This soul-less being who openly mocked a disabled reporter, literally claimed to (and did) grab women by the pussy, the one who now daily Tweets/bullies his very constituents and our once free press, [and most importantly, was SIX 6 times bankrupt [it was actually his hotel and casino chain, right?] is YOUR president, not mine. Sure, let’s hire Donald Trump to fix our economy! What a huge joke. Due to the fact that we didn’t like a black man (excuse my horrific slang “nigger”) as our president in this horrific now evidently white-supremacist country, let the reality TV show #fakebillionaire run this country right into the ground (and usher in blatant white supremacy and racism to the hilt while he’s at it) while completely dividing our nation and destroying the unity it once had. Go ahead, give the son of a bitch another 4 years and you will see just how GREAT America can be with our cities riddled with homeless, mentally ill and starving, while once very hard working families wait in lines a mile long just for a box of food to feed their family for a week. Yup, America full on tRump is here and it sure ain’t pretty. Why the hell would I want to spend the rest of my life in a country that is clearly tanking or spend even one more precious ounce of my energy fighting it any longer? Although I have done some really stupid shit in my life, I have definitely never been that stupid!

Finally… this message is brought to you by someone who knows when to throw in the towel and surrender. This message is brought to you by someone who has been van traveling [not so freely] during #coronamadness and the masked #insanityofhumanity. This message is letting you know that the grave of our democracy has been dug. Our “freedoms” have all but vanished. If you are wise, you might do one of two things… #1. Move rurally and get enough land to grow your own food and live off grid. #2. Leave this #shithole (coined by our FMN, racist motherfucking “leader”) country for any land/nation that still has semi-sane leadership and some semblance of freedom. I’ll be the one waving to you from the plane window well before November 3, 2020. Auf Wiedersehen. Adiós. Addio. Sayōnara. Doviđenja Adieu. Hasta la vista, baby.  I wish you all luck and skill because you are going to need it living in this rapidly approaching 3rd world status nation that was ONCE the ultimate land of the free and home of the brave. It sure shit ain’t anything about that any longer!

Oh and please still remember…

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