Today on 12/12 at 12:12 am, we had the powerful transformative energy of the last full moon of 2019, the Cold Moon. I fell asleep right after viewing it and just before awakening this morning, I had a dream about tRump. He actually was showing humility! Then, I realized it was just a dream 😉 It is very true that this time we are currently living in/through with his pending impeachment etc and overall the energetic changes our planet and humanity are enduring are in place for us all to wake up, abré los ojos! There are a few things (possibly facts???) I realized about #45 and his “followers.”

1. The majority of his “followers” are born and raised Americans. But, at one point SOMEONE in their ancestry – SOMEONE was an immigrant! The only true settlers of this country were the Native Americans and just look what we did to them? 😱

2. The majority of his followers are white males from the age of 30-80 who probably secretly aspire to be him or at least this arrogant, wealthy fake persona he exudes.

3. The majority of his “followers” have never been outside of the US, maybe not even their own state or county.

4. The majority of his “followers” have never had to fight for rights regarding their race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality, or ANYTHING really difficult in life where their mental health and sheer existence depended on it. In other words, they are entitled.

5. The majority of his “followers” are white supremacists, who believe that the USA and that this country is the greatest in the world or superior to other nations. 🤦‍♀️

6. The majority of his “followers” are materialistic and are so proud of the so-called economy and it’s recent “success?” What they don’t realize is that the reason more jobs have been taken is because the minimum wage hasn’t risen in TEN LONG YEARS (sure blame Obama too if you wish) and the cost of living has quintupled. So these so-called “created” jobs (minimum wage) that have always existed have been filled by the poor – lower middle class people who need to now work 3 jobs just to keep food on their table and a roof over their heads. We’re not talking about jobs with benefits, health or otherwise either!!!

Last but not least, WE ARE LIVING IN PERILOUS TIMES IN THIS COUNTRY. We are more divided as a nation than any other time in the history of this formed “United” States. Whether you hated Obama, hated Hillary or just want to be a #fakebillionaire like #45, the time is now to WAKE UP, love your neighbor and encourage them to be INCLUSIVE. We are all SO fortunate to live in a country that has luxuries like running water and electricity. And this division is going to kill us all if we don’t change now.

Click on the image to see the video and hear this amazing tune!

As we approach the “Age of Aquarius” shining brightly in 2024, maybe it’s time we listen to that song again and realize that every single human life is precious and NO ONE IS ENTITLED to anything more than their neighbor, friend or enemy. It’s time to LET THE SUNSHINE in and send hate and discrimination packing to the past.

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